Rainbow's Shadow and the Covenant of Wisdom
Rainbow's Shadow Series
                                                          Chapter 1: THE NOVELS

Rust colored clouds blanketed the horizon as streaks of lighting flashed through the dawn of a new day.  As the sun peaked through cloud
ridden skies darkness overcame light as the red hue of morning lost its illumination.

Cracks of thunder filtered through the land as Bryan Collins lay in his bed oblivious to the outside elements entrenched into his latest novel,
The Pirates Revenge...a Sorcerers Shadow Series.    

As thunder and lighting intensified the lights within the room flickered.  Concerned the lights may go out he turned the pages in an effort
to finish the novel before the electricity vanished.

With a page and a half left cracks of thunder shook the house as the redness of the sky turned to black.  The lights flickered as he turned
to the final page of the novel.

A loud crack of thunder rattled the house and the lights went out as Bryan said, “Aghh no...not now!”

He put the book down and rushed over to his desk for his flashlight.  He pulled out a variety of items from a shiny black stone, to a novel
entitled The Island Were Magic Began to the flashlight.  The cover of the novel featured a symbol of a sand dollar.  

With the flashlight in one hand he threw the novel on his dresser next to his bed.  It landed near the window as he dropped the black stone
onto the floor.  He rushed back into his covers.

The flashlight switched into its on position as a light beam generated enough illumination to read the final page of the novel.  He settled in
and experienced the last page of
The Pirates Revenge...       

                                                                        *  *  *

With Cayla in charge of the rebellion and Eseph no where in site survival had become essential now that the path had vanished.  Malkuth
had survived and terror had once again reigned across the land.  Pockets of terror rebels lead by his apprentice had been formed to blanket
the land and reap havoc on the young at heart.

His sights would now be set on the youth.  Their worlds would never be the same as terror headed for a crash course into the Island of...

                                                                      *  *  *
Moments away from the final paragraphs Bryan heard his mother scream, “Boys we need a flashlight.  Does anyone have one in their

Fearful he would not be able to finish the final page he avoided his mothers request and read on with anticipation.  With only a few
paragraphs to go he re-read the last sentence in an effort to keep his place as he continued on...

                                                                     *  *   *
Their worlds would never be the same as terror headed for a crash course into the Island of the Magi.  It would be the young at heart
who would have to lead the insurgent forces on a quest to re-open the path through the knowledge derived from the Covenant of
Wisdom.  Malkuth had indeed survived and sought revenge.   

                                                                    *  *  *
Bryan developed a concerned look on his face as the lighting and thunder intensified outside his window.  

He heard his mother scream once more, “Boys, we need some light here.”     
He re-read the last few words of the novel and generated a sense of accomplishment.  He looked up and stared out into his room in
bewilderment and said, “HE’S ALIVE?”  

A bit perplexed by the end he closed the book and read the title on the front cover to himself, “
The Pirates Revenge...a Sorcerers Shadow
.  Can’t be?  It’s just fiction...yeah it’s just fiction!”

He swung his legs over his bed and placed the book on the dresser on top of the other novel The Island were Magic Began.  He screamed
to his mother, “Coming mom.  I have a flashlight.”

He stepped on top of the shiny black stone and grimaced as he shone the flashlight to the floor.  The wetness of the stone made a tiny
mark on the carpet.

He picked it up and felt a silky wetness.  As he gazed at the stone it changed its color from shiny black to an intoxicating reddish hue.  
The stone drew him in for a moment and in a strange manner spoke to him.  As he tilted his head and stared at the artifact he softly spoke
to it in a trance-like state and said, “I understand.”

As if being directed from the stone, he placed it on top of the two novels and rushed out of his room as another blast of thunder shook the

The door closed to his room as the storm outside intensified.  A barrage of lightning illuminated the sky and suddenly stopped as a dark
cloud emerged from the west.  

The cloud appeared to have eyes as it filtered though the sky like a jet airliner.  The thunder kicked up again as a lightning strike screeched
toward the house.  

The strike crashed through the window and hit the dresser which held the two novels and black stone.  Nothing moved except for the
stone which split in two.  

In a mysterious manner the novels appeared to have absorbed the blast.  The stone, now in two pieces, set on top of the books and
generated a peculiar characteristic.  

The surface of the black stone remained moist and shiny while the inside appeared dry as the desert.  A tiny trickle of sweat from the
surface dripped to the center and evaporated.  The wetness of the surface would not penetrate the inner core of the stone.

The storm stopped as Bryan ran back into the room and waved his flashlight around.  Broken glass scattered across his floor.  As he
surveyed the bedroom he shone his light on his dresser.  The two pieces of stone lay on the books.  He watched as the moist surface
dripped into the inner core of the stone and evaporated.  

Curious, he attempted to pick up one of the pieces but had to let it go as it sent an immediate burning sensation through the palm of his
hand, “Aghhh.” He screamed.

He backed away from the stones and the novels and developed an eerie familiar sensation and said, “No...no way.”
He turned toward the window and then back to the books and said again, “What did I do?”  

He backed away as if he had done something wrong and ran from the room.
Silence overcame as a slight illumination emanated from the two stones.  The light appeared to be powered from within the stone and
intensified with every second.  As it strengthened, the stones transformed from black to shiny white and started to shake.

A few seconds passed and much like a volcanic eruption the stones produced enough energy to generate a powerful ray of light which
shot out of its inner core and through the window.

The ray of light darted across town and lasted a few seconds before it shot back into the two stones.  In an instant the stones morphed
back to their original shiny black color.

The two halves fused together and formed one stone again as the rain pelted the exterior of the house.