Rainbow's Shadow Series
Rainbow's Shadow and the Tablets of Fate
Rainbow's Shadow and the Covenant of Wisdom
Rainbow's Shadow and the Other Side of Paradise
"This book has it all!  Fantasy, adventure, spirituality, and an imaginative candy land paradise that had
me craving for more."
—  Rose Mercurio - Cleveland, Ohio

"This book is so awesome!  I have ordered several copies to give friends as gifts and have emailed many
others to make sure they get this must read."  Kids and adults will love it equally!"  
—  Randy Bailey - Scottsdale, Arizona
"What a great sequel.  Covenant of Wisdom picks up where Tablets of Fate left off. Same great
characters with an awesome new journey."  
—  John Ryan - Charlotte, North Carolina

"Wow, what a ride!  This book has such a great message.  Everyone should find the path and
experience the Covenant of Wisdom
—  Mary Eismann - Glendale, Arizona
This is a story about two novels, one good one evil, which have been mysteriously melded
together creating an alternative dimension that has begun to write itself.  

Two young teenagers, Will Collins and his best friend Jimmy Foster, find themselves on an
adventure-filled journey as they are sucked into this newly created story.  What they
encounter is incomprehensible as they experience a blend of paradise infiltrated by evil and
mayhem first hand.
It was temptation which lured Bryan Collins, Will's adventuresome older brother, to take
the shiny black stone as a souvenir from Rainbow Alley.  Little did he know he had
provided a way for evil to rejuvenate
and re-open the portal.

Collins and Jimmy Foster find themselves on a new journey into a surreal world as
they find access into the book portal and a new adventure.  

Their mission at first is to return the stone and save Bryan from the evil which has
tempted him, but quickly transforms into a quest to re-open the path for all mankind.
Shutting the door to evil forever is motivation enough for Will as he agrees to chase a
madman into the Other Side of Paradise.

Not only has he agreed to travel through the ten spheres of the other side, he has also
committed to eliminate Malkuth once and for all.

A total eclipse symbolizes Malkuths ascension as Will’s faith is
pushed beyond all measures.

It takes the forerunner’s legacy and a unique visit to Writers Block as they attempt to
cleanse the book of souls for all mankind
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"What a way to end the trilogy.  I was blown away with the symbolism and spiritual path the Other
Side of Paradise takes us down .  Awesome...simply Awesome!"  
—  Joe Davis - Hackensack, New Jersey

I now understand why staying on the right path is so important.  Loved the ending in Other Side of
Paradise and Writers Block sounds so cool.  I would love to visit myself.  Excellent Trilogy!
— Nancy Williams - Chicago, Illinois