Rainbow's Shadow Series
It was temptation which lured Bryan to take the shiny black stone as a souvenir from
Rainbow Alley.  Little did he know he had provided a way for evil to rejuvenate...

Rainbow’s Shadow and the Covenant of Wisdom picks up where Rainbow’s Shadow and
the Tablets of Fate
leaves off.  Will, Jimmy and Bryan are back to their normal lives until
Will is rushed to the hospital with a bizarre case of vertigo.  With his head spinning like a
top and dreams of his grandfather back in full force, Will is convinced he is being called
back to Rainbow Alley for something big.

He has secretly tried to gain access back into the portal for months and his failed
attempts to open the vortex have frustrated him beyond belief.  Convinced the portal is
permanently closed, Will sits in his hospital room confused.

As he admires the shiny black stone Bryan finishes reading yet another Sorcerer’s
Shadow novel entitled
The Pirate’s Revenge.  With the book resting up against the
stone and another novel entitled
The Island Where Magic Began, it only takes a few
seconds for the evil forces of the Sorcerer’s Shadow to emanate from the stone and
open the portal.

As the two novels meld together and the portal opens, Will finds himself confronted by
an eccentric messenger who instructs him to return the stone.  Once the stone is
returned the Covenant of Wisdom will be revealed and provide the necessary
knowledge to open the
one path to true paradise.

Through a series of narrow escapes in the hospital, Will and Jimmy are pursued by a
group led by Malkuth’s apprentice, Nikolai Volkoff, as Bryan is subdued and sucked into
a vortex along with hundreds of children within the hospital.

Will and Jimmy find themselves on a new journey and adventure into a surreal world.  
Their mission at first is to save Bryan but quickly transforms into a quest for all mankind.
Rainbow's Shadow and the Covenant of Wisdom
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